Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats
Journey into the heart of your yoga practice while traveling to remarkable world destinations with a seasoned instructor. 
Go beyond yoga as exercise to the core of the practice. Laughing Heart Yoga retreats successfully blend travel, teaching, community and fun. 

Traveling With Us
  • Stress free logistics
  • Amazing community of folks
  • Time alone whenever it beckons
  • Opportunities to practice mindfulness on and off the mat
  • Sense of adventure
 You'll Love
  • Well organized travel and itinerary
  • Stunning destinations/exciting side trips
  • Deep yoga and mindfulness teachings
  • Skilled facilitator
  • Sense of being fully present 
Experience Counts
  • Over 40 years teaching yoga
  • 25 years leading yoga retreats
  • Savvy travel guide
  • Dynamic community builder
Upcoming  LaughingHeartYoga         2019-2020                                                                          
  • Tuscany, Italy                             September 28th-October 5th (Carol Nelson and Paul Spector)
  • Tuscany, Italy                             October 5th-12th (Patty Townsend and Paul Spector)
  • Xinalani, Mexico                      January 4th-11th, 2020 (Patty Townsend and Paul Spector)
What our travelers are saying:

"The retreat was the perfect, delicious vacation balance… learning and fun, discipline and decadence."    - Jesse Geller, psychotherapist

"He's just a great, great teacher and really funny."  - Chris Collins, real estate broker

"One of the best weeks of my life" - Phoebe Sheldon, artist

To register or for more information email: or call 413-250-5226

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