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About Paul's teaching

Paul,guided by the belief students should leave class feeling better about themselves, creates a safe yet challenging environment that increases one's presence in the here and now. This focus on present-awareness, the power of NOW, leaves students with a greater capacity for acceptance of what is, and with this acceptance a greater power to effectively interact with the world in a useful, positive way. 

The former Director of the Integrative Yoga Teacher Training, Paul, synthesizes forty years of study of yoga,meditation and other body-mind disciplines (he was certified as a senior instructor of t'ai chi, holds a Masters Degree in Dance Movement Therapy, was a body-oriented psychotherapist for many years, danced with the Caribbean Folk Dance company and others) into his own unique style of teaching yoga and mindfulness. Some of his most influential mentors include; Sylvia Boornstein, Bonnie Cohen, Ram Das, Amit Desai,Moshe Feldenkrais, John Friend, Doug Keller, Ida Rolf, John Stirk and Rodney Yee.  

"I've co-taught with Paul on a regular basis and can tell you that he is a masterful teacher.  As gifted as Paul is as a teacher, he's equally talented as an organizer and group leader. His retreats are beautifully and seamlessly organized. They offer participants an exceptionally wonderful experience. You will be so happy to accompany Paul anywhere!"           Patty Townsend, founder of Embodyoga

“Paul’s teaching touched me at a much deeper level, mentally and physically, than any of my yoga experiences.”  Dale Samoker,Computer Specialist

"I came to Paul’s class a decade ago to "correct" an injured lower back, an ubiquitous physical ailment.  At the time I couldn’t have entered yoga using any other reason. I was far too identified as an atheist male tradesmen needing little help from anyone. Paul was immediately able to identify the core issue causing the lower back pain I had suffered from for years. Over the ensuing months he guided me down a path that led to self-healing and a deeper understanding that much of my physical health was in my control. Many of my friends can account for my becoming an annoyingly starry-eyed yogi convert.  My liberation from much of my physical pain was such a miracle for me. I stopped yoga briefly, believing I had ‘healed’ my back. Ouch! In a matter of weeks I was back in pain and needing to do yoga again. I got over the anger and resentment that this was something that couldn’t be ‘fixed.’

Now, a decade later looking back on that first year of yoga and improved physical health I can say it was a droplet in an ocean. I now have only gratitude for the back pain I suffered as it was the vehical for my expansion as a person. In his classes and retreats Paul creates a unique bridge I can travel over, leading me gently from fierce atheism through the mysterious universe and tradition of eastern spirituality and to a place, where trembling, I get an occasional peak at what I am. There are so many powerful obstacles along this path. Not once with Paul did I have to agree with something or relinquish my authentic beliefs. Instead the invitation constantly lay before me, perceive more and more of the world as it is and continue to become.

I have yet to work first hand with a yoga teacher who so deeply walks a path of seeking all the while knowing that all is beyond comprehension. Embracing a timeless wrestle with the question of how to be I’m comforted that Paul is traveling with me holding his lantern high."    Darren Petersen, Contractor.

“Paul teaches with humor, clarity, humility  and grace.”  Phoebe Sheldon, Artist

“ I’ve been in Paul’s class for years and I am always learning new things and enjoying the process.” Susan O”Neil, Psychotherapist  

"He's just a great,great teacher and really funny."  Chris Collins