TUSCANY 2015: October 10th-17th


A working organic farm, Ebbio is a magical place nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano and surrounded by an evergreen forest  The 800 year old classic villa, converted into a charming yoga retreat facility, overlooks the breathtaking countryside of Tuscany.  The amazing food, spectacular scenery, and rustic elegance offer a one-of-a-kind experience.  Only 25 miles from Florence, 7 miles from Siena, Ebbio is a half hour walk to the town of Monteriggioni, a little medieval jewel.

There will be two morning yoga/meditation sessions , one before and one after breakfast.  The yoga workshop portion of our day will be completed by 12:30 PM everyday, lunch will then be available and around 1:30,and an afternoon excursion will be offered.

         "Extraordinary. A magnificent blend of discipline, deep learning and the best kind of vacationing... laid back relaxation and adventuresome exploration." 
Bob Cagnon, Organizational Consultant
“Paul’s teaching touched me at a deeper level, mentally and physically, than any of my other yoga experiences.”  Dale Samoker,Computer Specialist  

“He teaches with humor, clarity, humility  and grace.”  Phoebe Sheldon, Artist

“ I’ve been in Paul’s class for years and I am always learning new things and enjoying the process.” Susan O”Neil, Psychotherapist  

"He's just a great great teacher and really funny."  Chris Collins, Realtor

(To see this extraordinary place called Ebbio visit their website, www.ebbio.com)